Workers’ Independent News: Kaiser Workers At Three California Facilities Choose NUHW Over SEIU

NewsJanuary 28, 2010

By Doug Cunningham

In southern California the National Union of Health Care Workers won elections against the SEIU at Kaiser bargaining units. At Kaiser’s Los Angeles Medical Center, the vote among RN’s was 746 for NUHW and 36 for SEIU. Leila Valdivia – a nurse at the medical center active in the union since 1990 – says a lack of rank and file democracy in the SEIU is why she voted for NUHW.

[Leila Valdivia]: “Over the years it became evident that the direction of the SEIU was completely turning their back on democracy of any kind. In fact, it was very difficult over the years to watch our representation and voice just get dwindled away.”

Steve Trossman is Communications Director for SEIU UHW.

[Steve Trossman]: “Every time we go into bargaining it’s a myth that we explode because it is not true. The workers are running this union.”

He says while the voting at Kaiser disappointed SEIU the dispute with NUHW needs to be put into perspective.

[Steve Trossman 2]: “With this election 2600 of our members have gone over to NUHW in contrast to 50,000 SEIU members who have chosen to stay united in our union.”

Source: Workers’ Independent News