Workers demand that Labor Board remedy SEIU and Kaiser collusion, protect their right to a fair election

NewsJuly 28, 2011

After two decisions in which an NLRB judge ruled that SEIU and Kaiser violated 44,000 Kaiser workers’ right to a fair election, workers are demanding that the Labor Board remedy Kaiser and SEIU’s collusion and protect workers’ rights in advance of a re-run of the two overturned elections. 

While agreeing with Judge Lana Parke’s findings that SEIU violated the law by making illegal threats to workers, NUHW is appealing to the NLRB to also find Kaiser guilty of providing unlawful assistance to SEIU. 

Last year, Kaiser illegally withheld raises and benefits from workers who had earlier voted to join NUHW and then granted preferential access to SEIU staff. For example, Kaiser allowed SEIU to use hundreds of conference rooms to campaign in the weeks leading up to the election [Video]. 

In addition to these appeals, NUHW previously filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge requesting that the NLRB notify workers at the affected workplaces regarding Kaiser’s and SEIU’s illegal conduct in the two elections, and make other remedies to ensure a fair election. The charge also requests that the NLRB inform workers in the two bargaining units that their wages and benefits are protected by law when they vote to leave SEIU and to join NUHW.

Before new elections are scheduled, NUHW requests that the NLRB acts on this ULP charge in order to clear any confusion created by last year’s disinformation campaign by Kaiser and SEIU. 

“SEIU is already ramping up the same illegal fear campaign they ran one year ago and Kaiser is right by their side,” said Sal Rosselli, President of NUHW. “Kaiser and SEIU broke the law, lied to workers and cheated them out of a fair election, and now they’re preparing to do it again. The NLRB needs to clean the slate and clear the air of the illegal threats that marred the last election.”