Workers at four more SoCal hospitals file petitions to join NUHW

NewsSeptember 24, 2009

Bob Hardebeck, Surgical Tech at Garden Grove Hospital

“When SEIU agreed to subcontracting in 2007, we had to fight both SEIU and the employer for a year to protect our jobs and have a voice in our own contract. That’s why it’s so important for healthcare workers ourselves to control negotiations with our employers. In NUHW, we’re coming together to protect our jobs and our wages.”

Eight months after healthcare workers founded NUHW, our movement continues to grow. Today, a majority of workers at four Southern California hospitals filed petitions to join NUHW.

As the NLRB rejects more of SEIU’s fabricated blocking charges, more than 1,600 caregivers will have their chance to vote and join NUHW at Garden Grove Hospital, Providence Tarzana Medical Center, USC University Hospital, and Olympia Medical Center.

Healthcare workers: Use this leaflet [PDF] to share the news in your workplace.