Workers at 10 GranCare nursing homes file to join NUHW

NewsMarch 16, 2010

Dorothy Ray, CNA, Florin Healthcare Center, Sacramento

“We’re voting NUHW to take our union back. We want to stay united with Kaiser workers, and keep moving forward with the experienced negotiators who have helped us win for years.”

Caregivers at ten nursing homes operated by GranCare (formerly Mariner) have petitioned the labor board for an election to join NUHW and end their membership in the SEIU.

The 1,000 caregivers at GranCare homes have become the latest to join an exodus of more than 100,000 SEIU members across California who are fleeing the troubled union.

In 2008, represented by the workplace leaders and negotiators who are now with NUHW, GranCare workers won the first nursing home contract ever to tie caregivers wages to wages at Kaiser Foundation hospitals. The Kaiser contract, also bargained by NUHW’s negotiators, sets the standard for California’s healthcare industry.