We’re telling corporations that we’re fed up!

NewsNovember 1, 2011

Profits for corporations are up, but paychecks for workers are down, and all over California people inspired by Occupy Wall Street are protesting this week.

Workers, students and community groups are taking action to express our outrage at how corporations have rigged our economy to benefit the wealthiest 1%…and left the rest of us behind.

Whether it’s at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, where CEO Sam Downing made off with a $4 million retirement “bonus,” or at Kaiser Permanente, where CEO George Halvorson makes $8 million a year—as healthcare workers, we’ve experienced corporate greed firsthand.

Here’s a few ways that you can join people this week taking action to tell CEOs that an economy that only benefits the 1% is not okay:

  • Thursday, November 3rd in Oakland, NUHW members are meeting at 4:00pm at the California Nurses Association Office at 2000 Franklin Street to tell Kaiser Permanente to ‘Prioritize Main Street, Not Wall Street.’
  • Tomorrow, November 2nd, in Oakland, teachers, city workers and dock workers are joining thousands of community activists who are members of the Occupy Oakland movement for rallies at 9am and 12noon and at a barbeque at 5pm sponsored by the Central Labor Council at 14th and Broadway (Frank Ogawa Plaza) (Call NUHW at 1-866-968-6849 for organizer contact info.)
  • Tomorrow November 2nd in Oakland there is also a march to the Port of Oakland followed by a picket leaving at two times: 4pm and 5pm from 14th and Broadway, Frank Ogawa Plaza. (Call NUHW at 1-866-968-6849 for organizer contact info)
  • Tomorrow, November 2nd in Los Angeles, workers are marching in solidarity with the Oakland protest beginning at 5pm from Los Angeles City Hall (Main Street between 1st and Temple). (Call NUHW at 1-866-968-6849 for organizer contact info)

Wherever we live or work, we’re all affected by an economy that is rigged to benefit the rich. Please read this interview with NUHW’s John Borsos for an update on how workers and community members are taking action to demand economic justice. We look forward to seeing you at these actions. Wear comfortable shoes and wear RED!

Sal Rosselli
, President

National Union of Healthcare Workers