We’re saying NO to Kaiser and SEIU’s cuts…and it’s working

NewsMay 9, 2012

For months, SEIU and Kaiser have been trying to figure out a way to cut our health and retirement benefits. We’ve been standing up to them and saying, “No Way.”

Because thousands of us have stood together, Kaiser and SEIU are stuck. They can’t push takeaways on us without being exposed as frauds.

So now Kaiser and SEIU officials are discussing postponing the cuts until after the government reruns our Service and Tech election. There’s only one reason Kaiser and SEIU are backing away from their agreement to cut our benefits: because we said NO.

What we all need to do now is keep the pressure on, and make sure that Kaiser and SEIU have no room to go back to their deal to cut our health and retirement benefits before bargaining ends.

Won’t you join me in printing and sharing this leaflet today? (Spanish language version.)

It’s more important than ever to join thousands of our Kaiser co-workers and sign our petition to “JUST SAY NO!


Debbie Almendarez, HIM Specialist, Kaiser Modesto
National Union of Healthcare Workers    

PS. You may remember that Kaiser filed bogus charges against our January strike, because NUHW’s walkouts are making an impact and Kaiser is doing whatever it can to stop us. We’re proud to report that the government threw out Kaiser’s frivolous charges and dismissed their complaint, affirming our right to act like a real union by going out on strike instead of faking the fight with “wellness walks” and “team salad days.”

Also of note, please read this informative new article on Kaiser’s rate hikes and its illegal interference in our election two years ago!