We won at Children’s Hospital Oakland

Children's Hospital OaklandMay 17, 2012

Yesterday we won a great victory at Children’s Hospital Oakland.

I am so proud to report that we won our re-run election over SEIU by a margin of 183 votes for NUHW to 135 votes for SEIU.

SEIU’s organizers had told NUHW supporters that they were going to “make us cry” at the ballot count. We did. We cried tears of joy at our victory.

Now we have a union that we control againand where all union members are treated with respect—at Children’s Hospital Oakland.

Please share this important leaflet with our co-workers and welcome them to our union, NUHW.

We are the newest members of NUHW at Children’s Hospital Oakland.


Ruth Kees
, Clinical Lab, Children’s Hospital Oakland
National Union of Healthcare Workers