We Won an Amazing Contract at CPMC

NewsMarch 6, 2013

At San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Center, we voted to leave SEIU-UHW and join NUHW-CNA and we just settled an outstanding contract that reversed the cuts SEIU-UHW agreed to.

Our employer, Sutter Health, expected us to accept their cuts just like SEIU-UHW has all over the state. But we switched to NUHW-CNA to secure our future, not to roll over for management.

We knew that while we bargained, we would lose none of our raises and benefits because just like at Kaiser, the terms of our prior contract remain in effect by law while we negotiate for improvements. We stuck together, and here’s how we turned things around at CMPC:

  • We won a contract with NO cuts
  • We won retroactive wage increase
  • We won a contract with job security guarantees
  • We kept our ban on subcontracting
  • We won the right to arbitrate over short staffing
  • We kept our fully employer-paid health insurance
  • We improved our defined contribution pension plan
  • We protected our retiree health coverage

CPMC employees have shown once again what we can achieve when workers stand together. SEIU-UHW officials want workers at Kaiser and elsewhere to believe that they have no choice but to accept the lousy deals SEIU-UHW officials agree to in secret meetings with management. It’s not true, and our contract proves it.

By joining with the RNs in NUHW-CNA, we can secure our future in a union that we can all trust.

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Rudy Balagtas, EVS, CPMC
National Union of Healthcare Workers – California Nurses Association