We won a contract with raises and no takeaways at USC

NewsApril 3, 2012

Brothers and Sisters:

At 4:30 in the morning today, after a marathon round of bargaining, NUHW members at Keck Medical Center of USC reached a tentative agreement for an outstanding contract with no takeaways and raises of 9.75 to 33 percent over the term of the contract.

Our agreement includes fully employer-paid health insurance, a ban on subcontracting and improvements to our retirement benefits, our PTO, and other provisions. It’s a great contract and we can’t wait to vote to ratify it.

Once again, NUHW members have proved that workers win when we stand up for ourselves instead of lying down for management.

Over the last fourteen months at USC, we engaged in an informational picket and a 24 hour strike, and we were prepared to walk off the job a second time if management didn’t commit to a contract that’s fair to workers and patients.

That’s how we won — by being ready to fight for what we deserve.

Our brothers and sisters at Kaiser who are still stuck in SEIU hear everyday from their union that the only way they can settle a contract is by giving SEIU’s friends in management what they want. SEIU believes that even though Kaiser made over $6 billion in profits in the last three years, workers have to agree to benefit cuts to make sure Kaiser can make even more money. That’s what it means to SEIU to be a “partner” to Kaiser Permanente.

At USC, we proved that workers can win without giving in to management. And if we can do it at USC, our co-workers at Kaiser can do it, too. If you’re a Kaiser worker, all you need to do is Just Say No to SEIU and Kaiser’s cuts. Sign the petition today!

We said ‘No’ at USC, and now we’re ready to ratify a great contract with raises and no takeaways!



Julio Estrada, Respiratory Care Practitioner, Keck Medical Center of USC
National Union of Healthcare Workers