We picketed Providence Tarzana

NewsNovember 11, 2011

At NUHW, members control our union.

And when members make decisions about what happens at our own bargaining tables, we say “no way” to employers who ask us for takeaways.

Last Tuesday, after Providence Health Services proposed a wage freeze for hundreds of workers, weakened protections against subcontracting and increased health insurance costs to employees, we took it to the streets for an informational picket to tell the public about Providence’s bad faith bargaining.

At our picket (link to pdf of leaflet) we made it clear that Providence Health Services made nearly $500 million in profits last year.  There’s no need to freeze our wages, subcontract our jobs and cut our health benefits.

In fact, similar to the outrageous executive compensation received by healthcare executives at Kaiser and Salinas Valley, Providence Health Services CEO John Koster, made $1,790,000 in 2009. That’s more than 60 times what a some fulltime workers at our hospital make.

And yet Providence is asking healthcare workers for give backs? No way.

We’re proud to be united in NUHW, and we’re fighting back at Providence Tarzana!


Ron Bell,  Vascular Tech, Providence Tarzana Medical Center
National Union of Healthcare Workers