We picketed at Doctors San Pablo

Doctors Medical Center, San PabloSeptember 20, 2012

Yesterday we left work on our lunch break and picketed at Doctors Medical Center San Pablo.

Our info picket sent a clear message to management. As healthcare workers, we live in our community and have sacrificed to keep our struggling hospital open for years.

Mayor of Richmond Gayle McLaughlin with NUHW membersThe support from our neighbors was made clear yesterday when the mayor of Richmond, Gayle McLaughlin, showed up at our picket line to offer her support and encouragement.

Now it’s time for management to come to the table and bargain a fair contract that protects our health benefits and secures meaningful raises for healthcare workers at our hospital.

We know that by acting together and showing our unity, we’ve sent a powerful message. Management knows they are dealing with a democratic, member-led organization.

Staying united and speaking with one voice is how we protected our benefits and won a retroactive raise last year, and that’s how we will win in this round of negotiations.


Rodney Dyson, Radiology Tech, Doctors Medical Center San Pablo
National Union of Healthcare Workers