USC: Don’t Silence Me

We have a tentative agreement!

Published Wednesday, July 14, 2021

We have a new Tentative Agreement! Join a General Membership meeting to learn more  about it and get your questions answered!

Keck/Norris Meetings:

Clinic and Call Center Meeting:

Summary of our tentative agreement:

  • Wages: Wage scales that achieve parity with UCLA wages where we were behind and maintains additional increases for where we were already ahead
    • Parity in wages between the Hospitals and Ambulatory with scales
    • Establishing wage scales that inflate each year in Clinics and Call Center
    • Keck FT and PT: Minimum increases of 10.9% and maximums of 39% for the 3 years
    • Ambulatory Clinics FT and PT: Minimum increase of 10.9% and maximum of 44% for the 3 years
    • Call Center FT and PT: Minimum increase of 10.9% and maximum of 68% for the 3 years
  • Employee Appreciation Bonus: Employee Appreciation Bonus of $1850 for FT employees and $925 for Part time and Per Diems
  • Free Health Insurance: Expanding fully employer paid health insurance for employees and their families for Ambulatory Clinics and Call Center, and maintaining it for Keck and Norris
  • Norris Holiday Pay: Complete restoration of Norris Holiday Pay
  • Retirement: In-writing restoration of our retirement contributions: employer automatic 5% contribution restored on January 1st, 2022
  • Differentials: Increased to all shift differentials, all standby / on call rates, nearly all weekend differentials, increases to extra shift bonuses
  • Attendance Policy: Restoration of attendance policy before the punitive 2020 changes.  Kincare not counted toward discipline.
  • Keck PTO Cash out: No penalty for cash out of PTO
  • Missed Meal and Rest Break Compensation: Penalty Pay for Missed Breaks
  • Contract Enforcement: Faster Arbitration for resolving disputes
  • Union Power: Common Expiration of all 3 contracts
  • Clinics United: Single bargaining unit for all clinics
  • No takeaways!