We have a date for our election to join NUHW-CNA

NewsFebruary 12, 2013

Today, the labor board set a date for a new election for Kaiser Service and Tech workers to join NUHW-CNA. Our ballots will be mailed out on  April 5th, 2013.

Our choice is clear. We’re choosing NUHW-CNA.

Affiliated with the more than 85,000 RN members of the CNA, NUHW-CNA is a union made up entirely of healthcare workers. Together with CNA RNs, we have the power to protect our patients and stop the subcontracting, layoffs, benefit cuts and partnership tax that SEIU-UHW agreed to give Kaiser.


CNA RNs at Kaiser won a contract in 2011 with no partnership tax, no cuts to their benefits, no layoffs, no subcontracting and a 15% raise over three years. That is the kind of future we want for ourselves and our families at Kaiser.

We have every reason to leave SEIU-UHW.

In 2010, SEIU-UHW broke the law in our election; a federal judge threw out the results and ordered a re-run. Since that time, SEIU-UHW settled a contract at Kaiser that includes cuts to our pension and retiree health benefits, a partnership tax on our paychecks, and allows for subcontracting of our jobs.

Worse yet, shortly after SEIU-UHW settled our contract, SEIU-UHW officials met with Kaiser management and allowed Kaiser to lay off 1,000 of our co-workers statewide.

Just a few months ago SEIU-UHW officials even tried to stop our election. They have every reason to be afraid.  


On April 5th, Kaiser Service and Tech workers will protect our future by voting to join NUHW-CNA.




Lisa Tomasian, Radiology, Kaiser Santa Clara

National Union of Healthcare Workers – California Nurses Association