We bargained a three-year contract at Providence Tarzana

NewsDecember 15, 2011

I’m proud to report that 554 NUHW members at Providence Tarzana have bargained a three-year contract with our employer and will vote to ratify it next week.

Our contract will give us annual 2% across-the-board raises beginning in January for all three years of the contract, for an overall wage increase for all full and part-time employees of 6%.

We also protected our ban on subcontracting, improved our retirement plan, and won greater job security provisions. (Leaflet to share with your co-workers.)

We faced challenges in winning this victory at our hospital, which lost more than $80 million during the previous three years. 

SEIU, which represents registered nurses at our hospital, bargained a contract last summer that gave away workers’ ban on subcontracting, implemented a three-year wage freeze for workers who are at scale, delayed wage increases for other workers, and had weaker job security provisions than those we won.

When we met with management at the bargaining table, we told them in no uncertain terms that NUHW is not a union that will roll over and agree to what SEIU had already given away.

Our victory on wages means that all full and part-time employees represented by NUHW at Providence Tarzana will see economic progress right away and for every year of our contract. We will also enjoy greater job security and protections from subcontracting than workers represented by SEIU in our facility.

We’re proud to be united in NUHW and leading the fight for progress on wages and job security  at Providence Tarzana.


Julia Sidrow-Thompson
, Monitor Tech, Providence Tarzana Medical Center 

National Union of Healthcare Workers