We are united and determined at USC

NewsOctober 3, 2011

Brothers and Sisters:

Eleven days ago, along with my co-workers from USC University Hospital, I joined thousands of our striking NUHW brothers and sisters all over California by walking the picket line at Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center.

We were so inspired by what we saw: healthcare workers standing up for ourselves and our patients, letting Kaiser know we’re a union that fights for our members, and getting our message out loud and clear to the public. At Kaiser LAMC, we even got a visit from Michael Moore! You can see it for yourself in this video.

At USC, now it’s our turn to stand united for a fair contract. Last Friday, NUHW members at USC put in our official strike notice to management. If USC doesn’t get serious about settling a fair contract that protects our patients and grants us the same benefits enjoyed by the nurses we work alongside, we’re going on strike for 24 hours on October 12. 

We’re proud that our union is ready to stand up to the boss instead of agreeing to concessions in backroom deals with management. At USC, we are determined to win a fair contract that puts workers and patients before profits.

That’s what NUHW is all about.

In Solidarity,

Michael Torres

Michael Torres
Respiratory Care Practitioner, Keck Medical Center of USC (formerly USC University Hospital)