Video: Sodexo–Tenet workers have to recycle cans to make ends meet

Fountain Valley Regional Medical CenterJanuary 22, 2018

Full-time Sodexo workers at three Tenet Healthcare hospitals in Orange and Los Angeles counties have to recycle cans to make ends meet.

Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center, Los Alamitos Medical Center, and Lakewood Regional Medical Center Lakewood Regional Medical Center subcontract workers to Sodexo, a multinational firm that pays barely above minimum wage.

On February 1, Fountain Valley  workers are holding a one-day strike to protest Sodexo’s poverty wages and to demand better pay and benefits and increased staffing levels.

Sodexo and Tenet each bring in a billion dollars a year. Fountain Valley Regional made $49 million in profit in 2016, Los Alamitos Regional made nearly $18 million, and Lakewood Medical Center made more than $11 million.