USC community fights back against anti-union campaign by SEIU

NewsApril 14, 2010

Basil Nasir, Respiratory Therapist, USC University Hospital“What we’re seeing at USC is the same thing we saw in the Santa Rosa election. It’s what the rest of the labor movement already knows. SEIU is the boss’s union.”

Just like at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital where SEIU got just 13 votes out of 662 eligible voters, SEIU knows they can’t win at USC. So SEIU has lined up with management to defeat NUHW by pushing a “no union” vote.

A coalition of student organizations, as well as University employees who organized with Unite Here Local 11, wrote letters in support of NUHW. The USC student newspaper and Bay Area blog Beyond Chron have both exposed the anti-union campaign SEIU is supporting.

On April 13, 2010, USC students will hold a Teach-in in support of the USC Healthcare Workers. Download a flyer here.

Read the letter from University employees.

Read the letter from the coalition of USC student and faculty organizations.