UFW co-founder, Dolores Huerta supports NUHW-CNA.

NewsApril 2, 2013

This week Dolores Huerta, who co-founded UFW with the legendary Cesar Chavez, made site visits in support of NUHW-CNA. This is what her visit meant to one Kaiser employee:

My name Christina Fletes. I work at Baldwin Pk Kaiser. When I learned Dolores Huerta was here, I drove home to get a piece of wood, One side of the crate that held strawberries from Dan Tudor & Sons farms. . Both my parents worked in the fields their whole lives. As little kids we had to go to help also. Dolores’s courage and other leaders made life for our family so much better, I had to come here to get her to sign this piece of wood. I’ve waited 30 years to get this signed and now thanks so much for fulfilling my dream.