To All NUHW Members and Supporters

California Pacific Medical CenterSeptember 2, 2013

We want to take this opportunity to extend our greetings to you on this Labor Day weekend. This is our 5th Labor Day since our members decided to take back their union and create a truly democratic and member-led organization! We’ve already made history and so much more is yet to come. Your efforts and achievements are acknowledged throughout the nation and you are truly the model for what it means to have real member involvement.

Many NUHW front-line healthcare workers will be at work throughout the holiday weekend and we want to recognize that dedication.  This holiday is set aside to honor workers and the vital role they play in our country.  Whether you’re at work, off for the weekend or participating in a Labor Day event, this day serves as a tribute to you all and you have our sincere appreciation for both your daily work and your support for the growth of the union.

From our Executive Board and staff, we wish you a Happy Labor Day!


Sal Rosselli
President, National Union of Healthcare Workers

John Borsos
Secretary-Treasurer, National Union of Healthcare Workers