The votes are in: Kaiser optical workers are staying united in NUHW

NewsJune 5, 2013

It’s official: Kaiser optical workers are staying united in NUHW-CNA.

Three months ago, with barely a handful of signatures, SEIU filed a petition to decertify our bargaining unit. It was obvious SEIU was just trying to pull off a publicity stunt they could use in the service and tech election. Within days, a supermajority of optical workers signed a petition affirming our unity as NUHW members.

Today, the votes were counted, and we made it official. By a vote of 214 for NUHW to 103 for SEIU with 22 challenges and 3 voting for “Neither,” Kaiser optical workers demonstrated that we stand firmly with our union, NUHW-CNA.

In fact, we’ve grown even stronger in our support for NUHW since the day we voted to switch out of SEIU. Our defeat of SEIU this time around was by an even wider margin than the first time.

We’re saying NO to Kaiser’s cuts and NO to SEIU’s sell-out agenda. We’re saying YES to a union that stands up for workers.


Gloria Villaseñor, Optical, Kaiser Union City

National Union of Healthcare Workers – California Nurses Association