The video that SEIU and Kaiser didn’t want the judge to see

NewsFebruary 21, 2011

All through last week, an Administrative Law Judge for the National Labor Relations Board conducted a hearing to review evidence of SEIU and Kaiser’s collusion to intimidate workers from voting for NUHW in last year’s election for 43,000 Kaiser employees.  The hearing, which will continue in March, could lead the NLRB to overturn the election results.

A highlight of the hearing last week was the admission into evidence of a video showing clearly that at one Kaiser facility, management provided a hospital conference room to SEIU to campaign against NUHW.  When a dues-paying SEIU member came into the room with a video camera, SEIU staffers were so afraid of having their illegal conduct exposed that they summoned Kaiser security to remove her from the premises.

The video is just one example of the kind of collusion that took place in every Kaiser hospital and clinic throughout the state in last year’s election.