Tell the NLRB to reject SEIU’s ridiculous charges

NewsOctober 30, 2009

Did you know that SEIU has asked the labor board to block hundreds of workers from voting for NUHW… because the employer extended the hours at the hospital cafeteria?

In another charge, SEIU’s lawyers demanded that elections be put on hold because the employer changed workers’ uniforms.

NUHW organizing committees at four Southern California hospitals sent a letter to the labor board, responding to every one of SEIU’s claims. Read their letter and decide for yourself whether the board should deny workers the right to vote.

SEIU’s requests aren’t just ridiculous, they’re dangerous and anti-worker. Imagine if employers could use reasons this flimsy to stop workers from organizing.

Please join hundreds of caregivers and their allies and SEND A MESSAGE to the NLRB telling them to respect workers’ right to choose their union.