Take the quiz: Kaiser is rolling in money!

NewsOctober 19, 2011

We all know the story.

Kaiser claims they’re not making enough money, and can’t afford to keep our retirement and healthcare benefits intact. Or, Kaiser says they don’t have the resources to agree to our reasonable proposals to keep our hospitals and clinics safely staffed.

As frontline workers at Kaiser, we don’t buy it for a second.

By mobilizing three successful strikes this year, we’ve sent our message to Kaiser’s $8-million-a-year CEO, George Halvorson…loud and clear. Kaiser workers deserve a fair contract that protects our patients and our benefits.

Now all of us need to make sure our friends, family members, and the general public understand, too. Kaiser Permanente is making record-breaking profits—over $5.7 billion in just the last two and a half years alone. Kaiser can easily afford to settle a fair contract that protects patients and treats workers fairly.

Kaiser may talk like a ‘not-for-profit’…but it acts like a Fortune 500 corporation. Our team at NUHW ran the numbers, and we saw exactly how closely Kaiser stacks up to corporations on the Fortune 500 list. The results were so remarkable that we created this quiz on Facebook so you can show your Facebook friends just how much money Kaiser really makes:

Facebook quiz

If you’re on Facebook, click on the above link and take our 30-second quiz on Kaiser’s jaw-dropping profits. Then post the quiz to your Facebook wall, so the rest of the world can learn how much Kaiser is raking in, and how easy it would be for George Halvorson, Ben Chu and the rest of Kaiser’s top executives to stop short-changing patients and caregivers.

Take our quiz today and then share it with your friends and family! We want the everyone to know that Kaiser can afford to do the right thing.

Facebook quiz

If you are not on Facebook you can follow this link to take the quiz and share:

Fortune 500 Quiz


Gloria Villasenor, Optician, Kaiser Union City
National Union of Healthcare Workers