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Despite $14.2 billion in annual revenue, Sutter Health short changes workers. Caregivers for Sutter face unsustainable workloads, low wages, and long travel distances which results in high turnover and undermines care.

The Numbers Don't Lie

In the past two years, Sutter Health has been hit with nearly $700 million in fines over allegations of improper billing and antitrust practices in California’s healthcare markets.

  • October 2022: Sutter Health agreed to pay $13 million to settle False Claim Act allegations of improper billing for lab tests.
  • August 2021, Sutter Health reached a $575 million settlement to resolve allegations by the California Attorney General’s Office over the company’s anticompetitive practices that led to higher healthcare costs for consumers in Northern California.
  • August 2021, Sutter Health and several affiliated entities agreed to pay $90 million to settle allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by mischarging the Medicare Advantage Program.

"The pay needs to be improved"

"I've been working for Sutter Care at Home San Francisco more than four years and the first year I didn't get the annual pay increase. The second year I only got a 1.5 percent increase. The third year was only 2.5 percent plus a 1 percent market adjustment. This year nobody got any pay because the company said it's subject to contract negotiations."

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Registered Nurse, SCAH San Francisco

"I want to help my patients, but the expectation for productivity is not realistic"

"I've worked for Sutter Care at Home in Concord for the past five years and the last three years haven't been so great. The morale is pretty bad. I've never seen so many resignations in the time I've worked here."

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Speech Therapist, SCAH-Concord/Alameda

"When we become short staffed, we are dispersed to other hospitals and patients don't get seen right away and they're not discharged"

"Short staffing delays patient care Short staffing has always been an issue in the three years I've worked here. Some of the positions haven't been filled for a long time. In our department, one position has been vacant since January and the other since the summertime."

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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Sutter Center for Psychiatry

Get the Facts

Sutter Care at Home Concord/Alameda

"Overloaded schedules compromise patient care"


83 percent of caregivers surveyed believe the current productivity tracking system that determines patient visits and schedules their workdays is unfair


71 percent of caregivers surveyed would like a cap on the number of patients they see in a day to help ensure quality patient care

Sutter Care at Home San Mateo

"Inconsistent scheduling is inefficient"


88 percent of caregivers surveyed want a fair and consistent schedule


79 percent of caregivers surveyed want changes the productivity policy to account for indirect patient care time like charting and follow up tasks

Sutter Center for Psychiatry

"Short staffing hurts our patients"


70 percent of caregivers surveyed feel that the unit is understaffed


79 percent of caregivers surveyed report experiencing understaffing daily or at least once per week


58 percent of caregivers surveyed have experienced unsafe situations at work due to understaffing

Support Workers at Sutter Health

It’s time for Sutter to put people over profits and ensure caregivers have enough time to provide quality care for their patients.