Statement by NUHW President Sal Rosselli on SEIU-CHA collaboration

KaiserMay 6, 2014

Statement by National Union of Healthcare Workers President Sal Rosselli on today’s announcement of collaboration between SEIU and the California Hospital Association

In World War II being labeled a collaborator was comparable to an act of treason. The type of “strategic collaboration” announced today between SEIU and the California Hospital Association is an act of treason to California’s healthcare workers and patients.

This agreement will undermine the rights of workers and will eliminate the union’s watchdog role on behalf of patients.  The two parties won’t even release the details of this agreement. If they had released what SEIU terms “a gentlemen’s agreement,” the details would show that in return for adding new members to their rolls, SEIU agreed to become a company union. Moving forward, SEIU will quietly collect dues, but will do little to raise questions.

SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West President Dave Regan said he wanted to keep everything “positive.”  It’s important to have checks and balances in a quality healthcare system — workers need a voice, patients need an advocate, and they don’t need a false positive.