Stacey Abrams

#blackhistoryProfilesFebruary 3, 2022

12/9/1973 – Present

Stacey Abrams is the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives and a voting rights activist whose efforts to stop voter suppression are, in large part, responsible for the Democratic Senate majority of 2020-2021.

After discovering widespread efforts to suppress and deter votes during her 2018 bid for Governor in Georgia, Abrams founded Fair Fight Action. The organization focuses on promoting fair elections and raising awareness about election reform efforts.

“My push is that we should have expansion of the right to vote for every community that faces barriers, including the disabled, those who are returning citizens (released from prison), the poor, young people. Unfortunately, the targets tend to be those very same communities. And thus, most of the work that I do is about lifting up their voices and protecting their right to vote.”

Abrams is also an avid union supporter, having worked at her AFL-CIO local in college. Recently, in an effort to encourage Amazon workers to unionize, Abrams stated:

“Collective bargaining is democracy in action in the workplace, where representation is critical. … When voices have been silenced throughout our history, unions have also been a place to give voice to working families. And for people of color in America, unions have been our allies in progress as they evolved.”

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