SEIU-UHW wrecked our Kaiser contract, here’s a guide

NewsJanuary 31, 2013

Every day we learn new ways that SEIU-UHW wrecked our contract.  (Spanish)

Now there’s a guide from NUHW-CNA that explains the fine print of what SEIU-UHW isn’t telling us about how the national agreement hurts Kaiser workers:

  • Hidden on pages 60-61 (or Section 2 B.3): a retiree benefit cut
  • Hidden in pages 11-112 (or Section 1 B.3): a partnership tax
  • Hidden in page 69 (or Section 3 E): language giving SEIU-UHW and Kaiser the right to change our benefits at any time
  • Hidden in page E-23 (Exhibit 1.H.1b): a privacy invading “total wellness program” whose real purpose is to save Kaiser money
  • Hidden in page 58 (or Section 2 B.2.c): SEIU gives Kaiser hundreds of millions of dollars from our pension

This is a contract that works for Kaiser, not for us.

Visit and download your copy of our guide today. And after you do that, please click on this link to tell your co-workers about how SEIU-UHW wrecked our contract, and what we can do about it.


Linda Antonelli, Department Secretary, PCS, Kaiser Roseville
National Union of Healthcare Workers – California Nurses Association