SEIU gives up on healthcare for workers’ families — “a groundbreaking concession”

NewsMay 1, 2009

San Jose Mercury News — April 30, 2009

“The district is happy with the contract overall. It’s a good contract. We’re pleased with it,” the hospital’s associate administrator, Kerry Easthope, said.

The contract … requires employees to pay health care contributions for their spouses and children, which Easthope said is a groundbreaking concession for a hospital to gain in the Bay Area.

At Alameda Hospital, workers will now pay more than $1,000 for family health insurance. With this “groundbreaking concession” to an employer, SEIU has thrown away decades of hard work by caregivers to keep healthcare affordable, and opened the door to takeaways across California. That’s why healthcare workers across the state are organizing to keep their union strong in NUHW.