SEIU fakes the fight

NewsApril 20, 2012

We all know that SEIU can’t say NO to Kaiser!

SEIU is dancing up a storm, but Kaiser is still demanding the healthcare takeaways that UHW President Dave Regan promised them in the 2010 National Agreement, and they’re still waiting for SEIU to sell out our retirement benefits just like they did for 14,000 of their members at Catholic Healthcare West.

Our strikes aren’t fake fights!!

The reality is that SEIU can try to fake the fight, but when it comes to standing up for healthcare workers, SEIU’s “rallies” look more like this:NUHW knows how to stand up to employers, because NUHW is run by workplace leaders who fight for our rights every day on the job.

NUHW’s history of standing up for workers instead of lying down for employers has led to contract victories all over the state.

Take Keck Medical Center at USC. NUHW members waged a powerful strike at Keck Medical Center last fall. Now they are celebrating a contract with raises between 9.75 and 33 percent over three years with NO takeaways at all.

Or take Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, where NUHW members went on strike and even brought their picket line to a board member’s house! Workers at Salinas won a contract with raises and no concessions because they fought back and their employer knew they meant it.

That’s what a real fight looks like.

We all know that SEIU’s fake fight is window dressing for the side deals that, time and again, SEIU leaders have cut with employers behind the scenes.

The question Kaiser workers should ask ourselves is this: Where is SEIU’s fake fight going to leave us when the dancing stops?

Cindy Benko, Lead Pharmacy Tech, Kaiser Stockton
National Union of Healthcare Workers   

PS. If you’re a Kaiser worker, you can fight back by “Just Saying No” to SEIU and Kaiser’s cuts.  Sign the petition today!