San Francisco’s Mission Neighborhood Health Workers Ratify First NUHW Contract

NewsAugust 16, 2013


Last week, caregivers at San Francisco’s Mission Neighborhood Health Center (MNHC) unanimously ratified their first contract with NUHW.

Like thousands of other healthcare workers, MNHC joined NUHW after several years of frustration in SEIU where they were forced to accept concessionary contracts while experiencing a total lack of representation in the wake of SEIU’s 2009 hostile takeover of their local union.

After voting to be represented by NUHW in September 2012, MNHC workers mounted a successful contract campaign.  The Employer, after the takeover by SEIU, expected massive takeaways.  Informational picketing, lobbying, community outreach and a resolve to win a fair settlement proved to be a successful combination.  The efforts of the members were aided by San Francisco Supervisor David Campos who helped to mediate the settlement.  The new contract includes:

  • Wage increases of 6% over the term of the contract
  • No Takeaways
  • Improved Job Security language
  • Replacement of the dangerously underfunded SEIU retirement program with a contractual guaranteed retirement plan funded by an annual 4% mandated contribution from the Employer.

Congratulations to the Mission Neighborhood Health Center workers!