Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Workers Endorse Sergio Sanchez for Supervisor

NewsMarch 5, 2012

Salinas, California – Members of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (SVMH) unanimously voted on Friday to endorse Salinas City Council Member Sergio Sanchez for Monterey County Supervisor.

As both Council Member and as District Director to Assembly Member Luis Alejo, Sanchez played an indispensable role in bringing the long-standing recent labor dispute at SVMH to a resolution. While trusted by both parties for his honesty and integrity, Sanchez was unflagging in his commitment to ensuring that workers were treated fairly at the bargaining table, that patients were not put at risk by unnecessary cuts to hospital staff, and that the negotiating process was transparent to community residents and taxpayers.

“We’d be hard pressed to have found a more principled and honest broker than Sergio Sanchez,” said John Borsos, Vice President of NUHW. “Sergio deserves a huge part of the credit for steering events at SVMH toward a resolution that safeguards patient care for the long term in the Salinas Valley.”

“We couldn’t have done it without Sergio,” said Yolanda Zazueta, a Certified Nursing Aide at SVMH. “He’s going to make a great County Supervisor and we were proud to endorse him.”

The endorsement vote was held at a candidate forum on Friday at the hospital.