Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and the National Union of Healthcare Workers Agree to Assemblymember Luis Alejo and State Mediator’s Request for 30-Day Cooling Off Period

NewsOctober 14, 2011

NUHW strike scheduled for October 18th withdrawn

Salinas, California – SVMH and NUHW today (October 13, 2011) agreed to a request from the offices of Assemblymember Luis Alejo and the state mediator for a 30-day cooling off period in an effort to put in place a process to reach a contract. The parties also agreed to bargaining dates of October 26, November 7, and November 15. 

As an expression of good faith, NUHW agreed to withdraw its strike notice, while SVMH agreed to pay those employees who were scheduled to work on June 22 and 23 and were denied reinstatement on those dates, following the union’s one-day strike on June 21. 

Both NUHW and SVMH express their appreciation to Assemblymember Alejo and the state mediator for their constructive involvement in these negotiations.