Professional workers at Children’s Hospital win new contract

NewsSeptember 28, 2020

Professional workers at UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland settled a 10-month contract that provides them with 3 percent raises and better aligns their contract with those of their colleagues in the hospital’s Business, Office Clerical and Service and Tech units.

The professionals, who include pharmacists, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists​, and audiologists, will now get a solid raise, while being able to devote more attention to pushing for more COVID-19 testing and stronger safety measures to protect them from infection.

Since joining NUHW in 2018, the 250-member professional unit has been committed to working with our Business, Office Clerical and Service and Tech units to build our strength at Children’s hospital. By aligning their contract to expire just a few months after those of the other units, they have more leverage to work together to secure better pay, benefits and working conditions when bargaining resumes next year.

“We’ve stood together when management has tried to divide us, and we’ll stay united in our fight to win good contracts next year,” said Fran Merriweather, a social worker.