Prison Health Services workers join NUHW

NewsApril 22, 2010

Kim Tovar, Medical Records Technician, Prison Health Services

Prison Health Services workers at the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility and Santa Rita Jail voted 66 to 59 to join NUHW! It was a close election and we fought hard to win every last vote of support.

When the ballots were counted this afternoon, we knew that we were uniting in the strongest union for ourselves and our families.

We did this even though SEIU thought they’d scared us out of voting for NUHW. PHS is another one of the facilities SEIU hand-picked to vote first because they thought we would lose.

But after all SEIU said and did, we made up our own minds and made the choice that was right for us. We chose a democratic union that we control, with the experienced negotiators who’ve helped us win strong contracts for years.

We know that this was a close election, and we are already beginning to reach out to our co-workers and unite our workplace again.

We are so proud to be a part of NUHW, and we look forward to the day you all vote to join us!

Kim Tovar, Medical Records Technician, Prison Health Services