Patients Join Our Fight for Better Care

Kaiser IBHSOctober 31, 2013

I’m an NUHW Shop Steward and have been a Psychologist at Kaiser Santa Clara for 8 years. I’m proud to report that we’re making more progress in our campaign to improve staffing levels at Kaiser’s mental health clinics so our patients get the care that they need and deserve.

Throughout our campaign, our patients have stood by our side. Now, they’ve stepped up in an even bigger way. Just days ago, they filed a class-action lawsuit that aims to force Kaiser to fix the problems in our clinics.

Three months ago, our union won an unprecedented $4 million fine against Kaiser after the HMO’s top executives refused to fix the problems that we detailed in a 37-page exposé called “Care Delayed, Care Denied.”

With patients joining our fight for improved care, we’re confident we’ll be successful.

For more information about the class-action lawsuit, here’s an article that describes the suit as well as Kaiser’s tired and inaccurate PR response.

Once again, Kaiser claims that there aren’t any problems with their mental health services and that the lawsuit is simply a negotiating tactic by NUHW – even though Kaiser’s violations have already been documented by the Department of Managed Health Care, which just hit Kaiser with a Cease and Desist Order and the second largest fine in the agency’s history.

It’s time for Kaiser to provide the care our patients deserve.

Ken Rogers, PsyD

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