Our union puts members first

NewsOctober 20, 2012

Nothing demonstrates our union’s power in quite the same way as how we enforce our collective bargaining agreement with our employer. How we enforce our contract shows the world what our union is made of.

As proud NUHW Registered Nurses in the Kaiser LAMC unit we can tell you that the terms and conditions of our contracts at Kaiser are enforced.

For example, when management tried to force RNs at LAMC to start cleaning ultrasound machines on top of our other responsibilities, we stood together and said no. We know what our contract says and we’re not going to allow Kaiser to violate it.

Soon we had a cease and desist order for management and they backed off their unlawful demand.

And when LAMC RNs in Hospice were being forced to work overnight on-calls sandwiched between full shifts, meaning that we’d sometimes have to work 32 hours straight, we decided to fight back.

After we stood united and stood up for our rights, Kaiser agreed to create two new night-shift full-time positions, reducing our workloads and solving our staffing issue.

Kaiser managers are used to SEIU allowing them to have their way regardless of what the contract says, but as NUHW members, we can tell you that Kaiser management does NOT get away with stepping all over us. We won’t let them.

Under NUHW, our contract is enforced and our rights are protected. That’s what it means to belong to a union that puts members first.

Carolyn Taylor Tillery, RN, Kaiser LAMC
Doug Aberg, Hospice Care RN, Kaiser LAMC
National Union of Healthcare Workers

PS. Please share this leaflet (English and Spanish) about contract enforcement with your co-workers today.