Our second chance

NewsFebruary 28, 2013

Dear Kaiser co-workers,

This April, Kaiser service, technical and clerical workers will have a second chance to escape SEIU-UHW and join together with the RNs in NUHW-CNA, a union we can trust.

This year’s election is a re-vote of the 2010 election. In 2010, SEIU-UHW cheated, lied and broke the law. That’s why a federal judge threw out the election results and the government scheduled a new election. Click here to read Judge Lana Parke’s ruling on SEIU-UHW’s cheating in the 2010 election.

Ballots for the new election will be mailed out on April 5.

It’s not every day you get a second chance. This is ours.


Susan Torres, Senior Unit Assistant, Kaiser Fresno