Our future at Kaiser under SEIU

NewsNovember 20, 2012

Salary Reduction, Pension / Benefits Freeze, Firing Staff

This picture was taken last week by a worker who walked into a conference room during a break in a meeting of Kaiser executives.  This picture is unaltered, and it’s chilling.

This is our future under SEIU and the Kaiser Coalition of Unions.  Even though Kaiser has made $8.2 billion in profits since the beginning of 2009, SEIU is allowing management to lay off 1,000 workers.

Here’s what Ken Deitz, President of UNAC (the nurses’ union in Southern California), which is part of the Kaiser Partnership, said about the layoffs:  “Despite our attempts to work in partnership…Kaiser has blatantly chosen to ignore our agreement.”

Now, Kaiser executives are considering cutting our pay, firing more workers, and freezing our pension and benefits.  Meanwhile, not a single NUHW member is slated for layoffs.

The lesson couldn’t be clearer: today, more than ever, we need a union that will fight for us.

Won’t you print and share this leaflet with your co-workers today?


Linda Antonelli, Dept. Secretary, PCS, Kaiser Roseville
National Union of Healthcare Workers