Our election at Seton Medical Center

NewsMarch 22, 2012

Last night when the labor board counted the ballots in our election between NUHW and SEIU at Seton Medical Center, neither side won a majority.

Our election will now go to the labor board to evaluate the challenged ballots and determine whether to schedule a run-off election between NUHW and SEIU.

The SEIU spin doctors are going to try to proclaim this vote as a victory, but SEIU did not win a majority of the votes cast.

While SEIU holds a slight advantage—280 for SEIU to 271 for NUHW, with 19 votes for “Neither,” the 24 challenged ballots will determine whether a run off election will be scheduled.

At Seton Medical Center the only time we see SEIU is when they want our dues. When we needed representation the last three years, SEIU was nowhere to be found. At Seton, we are fed up with SEIU’s lies and excuses and that’s why hundreds of us voted to leave SEIU-UHW.

We look forward to a fair board process to determine our run-off election.



Suad Husary
Suad Husary,
Respiratory Therapist, Seton Medical Center
National Union of Healthcare Workers