NUHW takes the lead in fighting the recall

NewsFebruary 24, 2021

Our effort to defeat the recall of Gov. Newsom expanded in February with additional social media posts and more than 600 additional Californians signing our anti-recall online petition.

Additionally our efforts have been written about in several publications including the Los Angeles Times, Politico and CalMatters.

A recall is a costly and dangerous distraction that should be reserved for addressing extreme misconduct. While Governor Newsom has made mistakes, he has also taken many important steps that have saved lives during the pandemic and intervened to increase COVID-19 testing and expand access to mental health care over the past year.

Our anti-recall effort will soon include videos from frontline healthcare workers urging their fellow Californians to reject the recall. Additionally, we are strengthening alliances with organizations that also see the recall as a threat to our efforts to expand healthcare to all Californians, achieve parity for mental health care, address long-standing racial inequities, and achieve other critical policy goals that any governor chosen to replace Newsom would likely oppose.