NUHW Releases Transcripts of NLRB Hearings on Collusion between Kaiser Permanente and SEIU in 2010 Election

Kaiser Healthcare ProsJune 13, 2011

Last week, NUHW released the full transcripts of 23 days of recently concluded hearings ordered by the NLRB to investigate alleged violations committed by SEIU and Kaiser Permanente during last year’s election for 43,000 Kaiser employees.

The hearings could result in the overturning of last fall’s election results.

NUHW raised objections with the NLRB to the results of the election, citing gross collusion between Kaiser and SEIU. In early 2010, Kaiser officials illegally withheld more than $2 million of pay and benefits from 2,500 workers in Southern California who had already voted to leave SEIU and join NUHW, providing SEIU with its principal campaign argument during the following election for the 43,000 workers. Months later – after the 43,000 workers had already voted – two separate judges ruled that Kaiser violated the law and ordered the HMO to restore the withheld wages and benefits to the affected employees, including back wages with interest.

During the hearings, new details emerged about the collusion between Kaiser and SEIU:

  • Kaiser officials allowed SEIU to place hundreds of extra organizers inside Kaiser’s facilities during the election campaign, while sharply restricting access by NUHW staff and supporters.
  • Kaiser officials gave SEIU more than 400 conference room reservations during the election period to hold pro-SEIU meetings inside Kaiser’s facilities.
  • Kaiser officials even gave company-issued photo identification badges to SEIU’s temporary organizers, who were flown in from across the US, to facilitate their access to Kaiser’s workforce.
This 5-minute video summarizes some of this new evidence.

Click here to view the 154-page legal brief filed by NUHW’s attorneys at the conclusion of the hearing.

Click on the below links to read the transcripts, sorted by date. Each link includes the testimony of one day of hearings.

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