NUHW President Sal Rosselli responds to Dr. Robert Pearl, CEO of The Permanente Medical Group

KaiserApril 9, 2014

Pearl photo 07 copyIn a video released today, NUHW President Sal Rosselli challenged the doom-and-gloom financial picture that Kaiser executives have been presenting to employees in mandatory meetings.

Rosselli responded directly to a recent speech by The Permanente Medical Group CEO Robert Pearl, in which Dr. Pearl told TPMG’s physicians and shareholders that TPMG brought in $1.2 billion in profits last year. That’s in addition to the record $2.7 billion brought in by Kaiser’s nonprofit wing.

However, Dr. Pearl says there is a dark cloud on the horizon: Kaiser employees, who insist that the company use its soaring profits to increase staffing levels for better patient care and to maintain caregivers’ healthcare benefits and pensions.

Click here to listen to Pearl’s comments and Sal Rosselli’s response.