NUHW in the News: Queen of the Valley pilloried for violating rights of workers

NewsJune 13, 2017

News outlets picked up on the National Labor Relations Board complaint accusing Queen of the Valley Medical Center of coercing and discriminating against workers.

KPIX5, a CBS affiliate in the Bay Area, ran this report about the complaint:

And the Napa Valley Register published this story, noting that the NLRB took the allegations of worker intimidation so seriously it is asking a judge to have a Queen administrator verbally explain to employees how the hospital violated their rights.


“We are thrilled that the labor board director took this action, and we are determined to continue standing up for ourselves and our patients,” Anacelia Trejo, a hospital cook told the paper.

Ray Herrera, a radiology technician added: “From the moment we began organizing, Queen executives have tried to intimidate us and bully us out of forming a union. They clearly don’t want a workforce with the power to shine a light on how they have compromised patient care to further increase their profits.