NUHW members stand with Los Angeles teachers

NewsJanuary 28, 2019

During our Kaiser strike in December, Stationary Engineers, Local 39 and the California Nurses Association allowed their members strike in sympathy, which made our action even more powerful and impactful on Kaiser.

In January, when teachers went on strike in Los Angeles, many NUHW members headed to the picket lines to offer their support.

“Nancy Morales, a medical social worker in San Bernardino, marched with her friend, a psychiatric social worker for the school district.

“I’m here supporting UTLA, and my friend,” Morales said from the picket line. “One of the things that we both think is very important is mental health. They see our patients all the time. So, they are witness to our access issues, and we are out here supporting them.”

Kelly Ibanez, a speech pathologist, who used to work for the district said, “I love this solidarity,” in commenting on an Instagram photo of an NUHW and UTLA member standing side by side. “My heart will always be alongside the teachers of UTLA, and I’m so happy to see my current union fighting alongside my old one.”

The teachers’ open-ended strike resulted in a contract that included a 6 percent raise over two years and many gains for students including: smaller class sizes and the hiring of more counselors, nurses and librarians.