NUHW Members Recognized with “Working Class Hero Award”

NewsDecember 3, 2010

Last night, NUHW was proud to accept the “Working Class Hero Award” from the North Bay Labor Council on behalf of approximately 700 caregivers at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital who won the largest hospital organizing campaign in the nation in 2009.  The workers at Santa Rosa Memorial exemplify the principles and values that inspired the creation of our new union: militant, bottom-up, democratic trade unionism.

Sadly, Santa Rosa Memorial caregivers are still awaiting certification of their election of a year ago.  Instead of respecting their choice, the hospital’s corporate parent, St. Joseph Health System, filed objections to the election in an attempt to deny the workers their right to organize a union at their workplace.

NUHW is grateful to the North Bay Labor Council for its recognition of the remarkable achievement of the workers at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.