NUHW Members Profiled in Front Page Story on The Huffington Post

NewsMay 18, 2011

NUHW members at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital were featured in the top headline article on the front page of today’s Huffington Post!

From the article:

But rather than roll over, the union of nurses, technicians and other hospital workers has rejected management’s proposal, instead launching a counter attack on the executives themselves. The hospital’s top officials now face a firestorm in the local media and an audit from the state of California. The layoffs and benefit cuts are, at least for now, on hold.

It’s a sharp break from the national labor playbook. From Maine to California, unions have been negotiating just how deep the concessions they’ll give to management will be. Even in Wisconsin, public workers immediately accepted drastic cuts to pay, pensions and health care, drawing the line only at the right to collectively bargain. In Washington, D.C., Democrats have similarly capitulated to GOP demands for major cuts in social spending under reasoning succinctly laid out by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio): “We’re broke.”

The Salinas hospital workers’ response, in essence, serves as a rebuttal: No, you’re not broke. And we can prove it.

Read the full article in The Huffington Post.