NUHW members help pass $15 minimum wage in Novato

NewsOctober 31, 2019

The Novato City Council recently approved an ordinance that will require all businesses with more than 100 employees to pay at least $15 per hour starting July of 2020. This is a huge victory for our members who are housekeepers, kitchen workers and activities workers at Novato Healthcare Center. Many of them currently make $13 to $14 per hour and for other workers throughout Novato. 

NUHW members at the Novato nursing home held meetings with city council members, signed a petition and turned out for two city council meetings to show their support for the $15 minimum wage ordinance. Many business owners also came to the city council meeting and spoke against paying their workers more. 

“Thanks to our hard work the city counselors of Novato took a stand to  protect Novato’s most exploited workers and residents,” said Angelika Lua, a housekeeper at the nursing home. “Finally we are making progress to achieve the pay we deserve.”

The minimum wage campaign was a joint effort among NUHW, Jobs with Justice and other unions and community groups. Petaluma, Sonoma and Santa Rosa have recently passed similar minimum wage ordinances. Novato is the first city in Marin County to pass a $15 minimum wage law, and we hope that neighboring cities will follow suit.