NUHW members endorse Warren, Sanders for president

NewsSeptember 27, 2019

After NUHW members across California and Hawaii cast their ballots for our union’s presidential endorsement, NUHW Executive Board members chose to endorse the top two vote-getters: Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

With members able to vote for up to three candidates, Warren appeared on 61 percent of ballots cast by NUHW members and Sanders appeared on 50 percent of all ballots. Overall, 77 percent of ballots included votes for either Warren or Sanders.

Upon learning that she had won NUHW’s endorsement, Sen. Warren released this statement:

“I’m honored to have the backing of the National Union of Healthcare Workers. “They have been on the front lines fighting for working people every day and their work is crucial to rebuilding America’s middle class. We need NUHW to win in 2020 and make the change we need to make.” 

Sen. Sanders released this statement after being informed of our endorsement:

“I am incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of the hard-working members of the National Union of Healthcare Workers, who make immense sacrifices every day to provide quality healthcare to the American people. With your support, and the support of hundreds of thousands of union members across the country, we are building a movement that will transform American politics. Our campaign will never stop fighting for a future in which unions are empowered, patients receive quality care, and healthcare is a right — not a privilege — for every man, woman, and child.”

Voting began Sunday, September 22 after approximately 400 stewards attending our Leadership Conference in Anaheim had the opportunity to discuss their preferred candidates. The conference opened with a live appearance by Sen. Sanders via video, followed by a pre-recorded interview between members and Sen. Kamala Harris, as well as pre-recorded messages submitted by Sen. Warren, South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Tom Steyer.

“I’m proud to belong to a union where we decide which candidates to support,” said Marirose Occhiogrosso a mental health therapist and NUHW member. “It was very informative to hear from so many candidates and read their positions on issues that matter to us and all working people. I’m excited to go out and support our candidates.”

News of our endorsement vote was covered by Politico, and the results were covered by Bloomberg, Politico, Fox News and New Politics.

“This is not your typical union endorsement. We didn’t tell our members how to vote, they told us,” NUHW President Sal Rosselli said. “We trust our members and their judgments and the outcome of this vote reflects the collective will of members from San Diego to the Oregon border. Our members clearly like both Senators Warren and Sanders. And, after reviewing the vote totals, our executive board felt that an endorsement of both candidates was most fair due to the closeness of the vote.”

Below are the full results from voting.

Final Tally
Percentage of completed ballots on which candidate appeared

Elizabeth Warren 61

Bernie Sanders 50

Kamala Harris 34

Joe Biden 32

Pete Buttigieg 21

Donald Trump 12

Beto O’Rourke 8

Cory Booker 7

Andrew Yang 6

Julian Castro 4

Tulsi Gabbard 4

Amy Klobuchar 4

Joe Walsh 3

Mark Sanford 3

William Weld 3

Marianne Williamson 3

Tom Steyer 1

Michael Bennet 1

Steve Bullock <1

Bill de Blasio <1

John Delaney <1