NUHW launches COVID-19 resources website

COVID-19March 28, 2020

Dear NUHW Member:

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to rapidly evolve. Over the past few days, NUHW leaders and stewards have pressed more employers to improve safety protocols and testing, while federal and state authorities have passed legislation and issued orders providing temporary relief to people economically impacted by the outbreak.

To keep up with the latest developments and provide critical resources, we encourage you to visit our new webpage: The page provides updates on our activities to hold employers to the highest standards for safeguarding the health and well-being of workers as well as information about the federal stimulus package and resources for workers who have lost shifts and income due to the pandemic.

We are committed to protecting the safety and economic security of all NUHW members and their families so all of you can care for your patients.

That’s why we are marshalling all our resources to respond to your COVID-19 concerns and get them positively resolved with your employers.

If you have a concern, please contact us at or (510) 834-2009, or contact your organizer.

In Unity,
Sal Rosselli, President, National Union of Healthcare Workers
Sophia Mendoza, Secretary-Treasurer, National Union of Healthcare Workers