NUHW introduces new digital newsletter

NewsApril 10, 2014

NUHW Pulse APRIL FRONT PAGENUHW is proud to introduce its new digital newsletter. In the pages of NUHW Pulse, you’ll find stories and videos about NUHW, its members, its work, and its impact on the healthcare industry and the labor movement. We’ll report on the latest developments in our workplaces, from election victories to bargaining updates, and we’ll report on the progress of workers hoping to join our union. In addition, NUHW Pulse will gather and update all the material we’ve posted to our website over the previous few weeks, so if you’ve missed something, this is a great chance to catch up. To submit news, commentaries, or photographs to the newsletter, write to Click on the image to read the first edition, and keep up with the newsletter each month by selecting NUHW Pulse from the News&Press menu.